Class ColumnViewerEditor

    • Field Detail

      • DEFAULT

        public static final int DEFAULT
        Tabbing from cell to cell is turned off
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        public static final int TABBING_MOVE_TO_ROW_NEIGHBOR
        Should if the end of the row is reach started from the start/end of the row below/above
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        public static final int TABBING_CYCLE_IN_ROW
        Should if the end of the row is reach started from the beginning in the same row
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        public static final int TABBING_VERTICAL
        Support tabbing to Cell above/below the current cell
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        public static final int TABBING_HORIZONTAL
        Should tabbing from column to column with in one row be supported
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        public static final int KEYBOARD_ACTIVATION
        Style mask used to enable keyboard activation
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        public static final int KEEP_EDITOR_ON_DOUBLE_CLICK
        Style mask used to turn off the feature that an editor activation is canceled on double click. It is also possible to turn off this feature per cell-editor using CellEditor.getDoubleClickTimeout()
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        public static final int TABBING_CYCLE_IN_VIEWER
        Should if the end of the viewer is reached, start from the first element in the viewer (conversely, hitting shift-tab in the first element of the viewer results in jumping to the last element of the viewer)
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    • Method Detail

      • addEditorActivationListener

        public void addEditorActivationListener​(ColumnViewerEditorActivationListener listener)
        Adds the given listener, it is to be notified when the cell editor is activated or deactivated.
        listener - the listener to add
      • removeEditorActivationListener

        public void removeEditorActivationListener​(ColumnViewerEditorActivationListener listener)
        Removes the given listener.
        listener - the listener to remove
      • processTraverseEvent

        protected void processTraverseEvent​(int columnIndex,
                                            ViewerRow row,
                                            TraverseEvent event)
        Process the traverse event and opens the next available editor depending of the implemented strategy. The default implementation uses the style constants

        Subclasses may overwrite to implement their custom logic to edit the next cell

        columnIndex - the index of the current column
        row - the current row - may only be used for the duration of this method call
        event - the traverse event
      • setEditor

        protected abstract void setEditor​(Control w,
                                          Item item,
                                          int fColumnNumber)
        Position the editor inside the control
        w - the editor control
        item - the item (row) in which the editor is drawn in
        fColumnNumber - the column number in which the editor is shown
      • setLayoutData

        protected abstract void setLayoutData​(CellEditor.LayoutData layoutData)
        set the layout data for the editor
        layoutData - the layout data used when editor is displayed
      • updateFocusCell

        protected abstract void updateFocusCell​(ViewerCell focusCell,
                                                ColumnViewerEditorActivationEvent event)
        focusCell - updates the cell with the current input focus
        event - the event requesting to update the focusCell
      • getFocusCell

        public ViewerCell getFocusCell()
        the cell currently holding the focus if no cell has the focus or the viewer implementation doesn't support null is returned
      • getViewer

        protected ColumnViewer getViewer()
        the viewer working for