Class Revision

  • public abstract class Revision
    extends Object
    Describes a revision of a document. A revision consists of one ore more ILineRanges.

    Clients may subclass.

    • Constructor Detail

      • Revision

        protected Revision()
        Creates a new revision.
    • Method Detail

      • addRange

        public final void addRange​(ILineRange range)
                            throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
        Adds a line range to this revision. The range must be non-empty and have a legal start line (not -1).
        range - a line range that was changed with this revision
        IndexOutOfBoundsException - if the line range is empty or has a negative start line
      • getRegions

        public final List<RevisionRange> getRegions()
        Returns the contained RevisionRanges adapted to the current diff state. The returned information is only valid at the moment it is returned, and may change as the annotated document is modified.
        an unmodifiable view of the contained ranges
      • getHoverInfo

        public abstract Object getHoverInfo()
        Returns the hover information that will be shown when the user hovers over the a change region of this revision.

        Note: The hover information control which is used to display the information must be able process the given object. If the default information control creator is used the supported format is simple text, full HTML or an HTML fragment.

        the hover information for this revision or null for no hover
        See Also:
      • getColor

        public abstract RGB getColor()
        Returns the author color for this revision. This color can be used to visually distinguish one revision from another, for example as background color.

        Revisions from the same author must return the same color and revisions from different authors must return distinct colors.

        the RGB color for this revision's author
      • getId

        public abstract String getId()
        Returns the unique (within the document) id of this revision. This may be the version string or a different identifier.
        the id of this revision
      • getDate

        public abstract Date getDate()
        Returns the modification date of this revision.
        the modification date of this revision
      • getAuthor

        public String getAuthor()
        Returns the display string for the author of this revision.

        Subclasses should replace - the default implementation returns the empty string.

        the author name