Class RangeAwareServletContextHelper

  • public abstract class RangeAwareServletContextHelper
    extends ServletContextHelper
    A custom servlet context helper type providing support for predicting the need for ranged content responses based on the content type and the user agent.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RangeAwareServletContextHelper

        public RangeAwareServletContextHelper()
      • RangeAwareServletContextHelper

        public RangeAwareServletContextHelper​(Bundle bundle)
    • Method Detail

      • rangeableContentType

        public boolean rangeableContentType​(String contentType,
                                            String userAgent)
        Return true if the content type should result in a ranged content response based on the user agent. The user agent value is obtained from the User-Agent request header.

        This mechanism is only applicable if the browser didn't make a range request for a known ranged content type.

        contentType - the content type of the request
        userAgent - the value obtained from the "User-Agent" header