Interface IDropToFrame

  • public interface IDropToFrame
    Provides the ability to drop to frame. Drop to frame generally means popping a selected stack frame (and all frames above it) from the execution stack and then stepping back into the frame.
    • Method Detail

      • canDropToFrame

        boolean canDropToFrame()
        Returns whether this element can currently perform a drop to frame.
        whether this element can currently perform a drop to frame
      • dropToFrame

        void dropToFrame()
                  throws DebugException
        Performs a drop to frame on this element. Implementations must generate events such that debug clients can update appropriately, such as corresponding RESUME and SUSPEND events, or a single CHANGE event when the drop is complete. Implementations should implement drop to frame in a non-blocking fashion.
        DebugException - on failure. Reasons include:
        • TARGET_REQUEST_FAILED - The request failed in the target
        • NOT_SUPPORTED - The capability is not supported by the target