Interface IDisconnect

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    public interface IDisconnect
    The ability to end a debug session with a target program and allow the target to continue running.

    Clients may implement this interface.

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      • canDisconnect

        boolean canDisconnect()
        Returns whether this element can currently disconnect.
        whether this element can currently disconnect
      • disconnect

        void disconnect()
                 throws DebugException
        Disconnects this element from its target. Generally, disconnecting ends a debug session with a debug target, but allows the target program to continue running.
        DebugException - on failure. Reasons include:
        • TARGET_REQUEST_FAILED - The request failed in the target
        • NOT_SUPPORTED - The capability is not supported by the target
      • isDisconnected

        boolean isDisconnected()
        Returns whether this element is disconnected.
        whether this element is disconnected