Interface IResourceProxyVisitor

  • public interface IResourceProxyVisitor
    This interface is implemented by objects that visit resource trees. The fast visitor is an optimized mechanism for tree traversal that creates a minimal number of objects. The visitor is provided with a callback interface, instead of a resource. Through the callback, the visitor can request information about the resource being visited.


     class Visitor implements IResourceProxyVisitor {
            public boolean visit (IResourceProxy proxy) {
                    //       your code here
                    return true;
     ResourcesPlugin.getWorkspace().getRoot().accept(new Visitor(), IResource.NONE);

    Clients may implement this interface.

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      • visit

        boolean visit​(IResourceProxy proxy)
               throws CoreException
        Visits the given resource.
        proxy - for requesting information about the resource being visited; this object is only valid for the duration of the invocation of this method, and must not be used after this method has completed
        true if the resource's members should be visited; false if they should be skipped
        CoreException - if the visit fails for some reason.