Package visad.collab

Interface Summary
DisplayMonitor DisplayMonitor is the interface for objects which monitor the state of Controls, Displays and ScalarMaps.
DisplaySync DisplaySync is the interface for objects which synchronize a Display with one or more RemoteDisplays.
MonitorCallback MonitorCallback is the interface for receivers of MonitorEvents.
RemoteDisplayMonitor RemoteDisplayMonitor is the interface for monitoring RemoteDisplays.
RemoteDisplaySync RemoteDisplaySync is the interface for stubs which are exported to RemoteDisplays and used to send back events used for synchronization.

Class Summary
ControlMonitorEvent ControlMonitorEvent is the VisAD class for Control-related Events from display monitors.
DisplayMonitorImpl DisplayMonitorImpl is the Display monitor implementation.
MapMonitorEvent MapMonitorEvent is the VisAD class for ScalarMap-related events from display monitors.
MessageMonitorEvent MessageMonitorEvent is the VisAD class for MessageEvent-related events from display monitors.
MonitorEvent MonitorEvent is the VisAD superclass for events from display monitors.
ReferenceMonitorEvent ReferenceMonitorEvent is the VisAD class for RemoteReferenceLink-related events from display monitors.
RemoteDisplayMonitorImpl RemoteDisplayMonitorImpl is the implementation of the VisAD RemoteDisplayMonitor class.
RemoteDisplaySyncImpl RemoteDisplaySyncImpl is the implementation of the VisAD RemoteDisplaySync class.