Class ImprovisionTiffReader

  extended by loci.formats.FormatHandler
      extended by loci.formats.FormatReader
          extended by loci.formats.in.BaseTiffReader
              extended by loci.formats.in.ImprovisionTiffReader
All Implemented Interfaces:
loci.formats.IFormatHandler, loci.formats.IFormatReader, loci.formats.StatusReporter

public class ImprovisionTiffReader
extends BaseTiffReader

ImprovisionTiffReader is the file format reader for Improvision TIFF files.

Source code:
Trac, SVN

Field Summary
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collectMetadata, core, filterMetadata, group, in, metadata, metadataStore, normalizeData, saveOriginalMetadata, series, THUMBNAIL_DIMENSION
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currentId, debug, debugLevel, format, statusListeners, suffixes
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void initMetadataStore()
          Populates the metadata store using the data parsed in BaseTiffReader.initStandardMetadata() along with some further parsing done in the method itself.
protected  void initStandardMetadata()
          Parses standard metadata.
 boolean isThisType(String name, boolean open)
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Constructor Detail


public ImprovisionTiffReader()
Method Detail


public boolean isThisType(String name,
                          boolean open)
Specified by:
isThisType in interface loci.formats.IFormatHandler
isThisType in class loci.formats.FormatHandler


protected void initStandardMetadata()
                             throws loci.formats.FormatException,
Description copied from class: BaseTiffReader
Parses standard metadata. NOTE: Absolutely no calls to the metadata store should be made in this method or methods that override this method. Data will be overwritten if you do so.

initStandardMetadata in class BaseTiffReader


protected void initMetadataStore()
Description copied from class: BaseTiffReader
Populates the metadata store using the data parsed in BaseTiffReader.initStandardMetadata() along with some further parsing done in the method itself. All calls to the active MetadataStore should be made in this method and only in this method. This is especially important for sub-classes that override the getters for pixel set array size, etc.

initMetadataStore in class BaseTiffReader