Package dods.dap.Server

This package contains the DODS Server classes.


Interface Summary
BoolFunction Represents a server-side function, which evaluates to a boolean value.
BTFunction Represents a server-side function, which evaluates to a BaseType.
Clause Represents the common interface of the two types of clause used by the constraint expression (CE) parser: TopLevelClause and SubClause.
RelOps The RelOps interface defines how each type responds to relational operators.
ServerArrayMethods This interface extends the ArrayMethods for DODS types that extend DArray and DGrid classes.
ServerMethods This interface defines the additional behaviors that Server side types need to support.
ServerSideFunction Represents common interface of all server-side functions (SSF).
SubClause Represents a sub-clause of the selection portion of a constraint expression.
TopLevelClause Represents a top-level clause in the selection portion of a constraint expression (CE).

Class Summary
AbstractClause Provides default implementations for the Clause interface methods.
BoolFunctionClause Represents a clause which invokes a function that returns a boolean value.
BTFunctionClause Represents a clause which invokes a function that returns a BaseType.
CEEvaluator This class is used to parse and evaluate a constraint expression.
ClauseFactory Represents a source of Clause objects for the constraint expression parser.
DereferenceClause Represents a sub-clause that is a URL reference to remote data.
FunctionLibrary Represents a library of available server-side functions for use in evaluating constraint expressions.
Operator This class contains the code for performing relative operations (RelOps) on BaseTypes.
RelOpClause Represents a clause which compares subclauses, using one of the relative operators supported by the Operator class.
SDArray Holds a DODS Server Array value.
SDBoolean Holds a DODS Server Boolean value.
SDByte Holds a DODS Server Byte value.
SDFloat32 Holds a DODS Server Float32 value.
SDFloat64 Holds a DODS Server Float64 value.
SDGrid Holds a DODS Server Grid value.
SDInt16 Holds a DODS Server Int16 value.
SDInt32 Holds a DODS Server Int32 value.
SDList Holds a DODS Server List value.
SDSequence Holds a DODS Server Sequence value.
SDString Holds a DODS Server String value.
SDStructure Holds a DODS Server Structure value.
SDUInt16 Holds a DODS Server Unsigned Int16 value.
SDUInt32 Holds a DODS Server Unsigned Int32 value.
SDURL Holds a DODS Server URL value.
ServerDDS ServerDDS is a specialization of DDS for the server-side of DODS.
ValueClause Represents a clause containing a simple value.

Exception Summary
InvalidOperatorException Thrown when a RelOp operation is called on two types for which it makes no sense to compre, such as attempting to ascertain is a String is less than a Float.
InvalidParameterException Used to indicate that one of the passed parameters to a method is either the wrong type, is missing, or it's value is unacceptable.
RegExpException Thrown by Operator.op when an attempt is made to parse a improperly formed regular expression.
SBHException The Something Bad Happened (SBH) Exception.
SDODSException SDODS exception.
SSFunctionException Thrown when a Server Side Function (SSF) is used incorrectly.
WrongTypeException Report a type-mismatch problem in the constraint expression.

Package dods.dap.Server Description

This package contains the DODS Server classes. These are used directly by DODS by specific implementations of DODS servers to provide the frame work for DODS server behaviours.