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Package org.knime.core.node.tableview

Node implementation of a table view.

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Package org.knime.core.node.tableview Description

Node implementation of a table view. This node is used in the KNIME workflow to display a DataTable, thus it has one inport and no outports.

In order to provide a reasonably fast view the key class of this package, i.e. TableContentModel, uses a caching strategy that reads rows from the DataTable on request and (ring-)buffers only the last accessed sequence of rows. For further details refer to the description of TableContentModel.

Class relationship

The following figure summarizes the role of the different classes in this package. For simplicity we ignore the general node classes TableNodeFactory, TableNodeModel and TableNodeView as they provide the usual node functionality.

TableContentModel is certainly the class containing most of the functionality. It is the TableModel for the TableContentView and has a reference to the DataTable to be displayed. It contains the row cache and also serves as the HiLiteListener (as it knows which rows it has to care about).
TableHeaderModel is also a class implementing javax.swing.TableModel. It keeps a reference to its TableContentModel and encapsulates the keys for each row in the DataTable. Hence, it always has exactly one column. We had to detach this model from the content model since the main view, i.e. TableView displays the row head in separate panel.
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