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Package org.knime.core.node.interrupt

This package contains the necessary classes for an interruptible framework.

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Package org.knime.core.node.interrupt Description

This package contains the necessary classes for an interruptible framework. The InterruptibleNodeModel consists of three abstract methods: When an InterruptibleNodeModel is executed, first the init m(DataTable[]) method is called. The model starts with paused = true. When this is set to paused = false the executeOneIteration method is called until the model is set to the paused state again. In this way the model could be run and paused arbitrary often. When the model is set to finish() the getOutput()method is called and the result is provided at the out-port and the model is executed and must be reset for a new run.
Existing models can be easily be adapted to an interruptible model, since most of all models contain a for- or while-loop. Then the content of this loop has to be put into executeOneIteration method.
A default implementation for the InterruptibleNodeView is also provided, with some default control elements always on top. These control elements are contained in the InterruptControlPanel. They are a play, break and finish and a next step button and a slider to adjust the delay how often the InterruptibleNodeView is refreshed.
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