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KNIME Converter Framework

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Package Description

KNIME Converter Framework


This package contains classes to dynamically box and unbox KNIME types from and to Java types. A extension point is provided to allow implementors of custom KNIME data types to provide compatibility with nodes like the Java Snippet node, which use the KNIME Converter Framework.



Each of the aforementioned packages contain a *ConverterRegistry class. All of the converters of the respective types are registered and can be retrieved here.

For both of the converter types (JavaToDataCell and DataCellToJava) there are *ConverterFactory classes which produce instances of *Converter classes respectively. This is required since the converter instances may require information only available during node execution and therefore cannot be instantiated before this point.

Arrays/Collection Cells

If there is a Converter from e.g. IntCell to Integer, the framework can automatically handle conversions form ListCell(IntCell) to Integer[] vice versa. Additionally there may be explicit converters from a collection cell or array to a specific Java or DataCell type.

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