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Java to DataCell Converters

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Package Description

Java to DataCell Converters


This package contains classes to box Java types into KNIME types. An extension point is provided to allow implementors of custom KNIME data types to provide compatibility with nodes like the Java Snippet node, which use the KNIME Converter Framework.



In many cases conversion merely requires a call to a create(Foo value) method in your FooCellFactory class. For this case, you just need to add the DataCellFactoryMethod annotation to this method and the framework will automatically create a converter from it.


 public class FooClassFactory extends ... {

      // ...

      @DataCellFactoryMethod(name = "Foo")
      public static DataCell create(final Foo value) {
          return new FooCell(value);

      // ...

Extension Point

To enable conversion from your custom data type, you can also implement the Extension Point with the id defined in

This usually involves implementing either SimpleDataCellToJavaConverterFactory or DataCellToJavaConverterFactory directly.

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