Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

Class ByteOrder

  extended by java.nio.ByteOrder

public final class ByteOrder
extends Object

A typesafe enumeration for byte orders.


Field Summary
static ByteOrder BIG_ENDIAN
          Constant denoting big-endian byte order.
static ByteOrder LITTLE_ENDIAN
          Constant denoting little-endian byte order.
Method Summary
static ByteOrder nativeOrder()
          Retrieves the native byte order of the underlying platform.
 String toString()
          Constructs a string describing this object.
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Field Detail


public static final ByteOrder BIG_ENDIAN
Constant denoting big-endian byte order. In this order, the bytes of a multibyte value are ordered from most significant to least significant.


public static final ByteOrder LITTLE_ENDIAN
Constant denoting little-endian byte order. In this order, the bytes of a multibyte value are ordered from least significant to most significant.

Method Detail


public static ByteOrder nativeOrder()
Retrieves the native byte order of the underlying platform.

This method is defined so that performance-sensitive Java code can allocate direct buffers with the same byte order as the hardware. Native code libraries are often more efficient when such buffers are used.

The native byte order of the hardware upon which this Java virtual machine is running


public String toString()
Constructs a string describing this object.

This method returns the string "BIG_ENDIAN" for BIG_ENDIAN and "LITTLE_ENDIAN" for LITTLE_ENDIAN.

toString in class Object
The specified string

Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 6

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